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Smart Home WiFi Fam SIM 199 with 20GB Data valid for 7 days





1. How do I avail of the promo?

• Activate the SIM by inserting it into any Prepaid Home WiFi device and turn on the device.

Upon successful activation, a welcome spiel with promo inclusions will be sent to the Smart Bro Home WiFi number. The SMS can be viewed on the device dashboard.


2.How can I access the dashboard?

• For Smart Bro or PLDT Prepaid Home WiFi device users, dashboard can be accessed by simply connecting
to the Wi-Fi signal of the device


3. How else can I manage my account?

• Smart Bro Home WiFi subscribers can download the GigaLife App and sign up to keep track of your account transactions.


4. What can I access and do with my Open Access Data?

• You may use your Open Access Data for all Apps and Sites.


5. Can I share my Open Access Data?

• No, the 20 GB open access data cannot be shared to another mobile number, but data connection can be shared thru the home Wi-Fi device


6. What happens if the Open Access Data expires?

• Will I be notified about the expiration?

SMS notifications shall be sent upon expiry of the preload inclusion.


7. Can I still register to other offers while using these SIMs?

• A subscriber can concurrently avail of any other offer from the same brand. Promo offer will follow the validity of the paid offer.


8. Can I avail/use the BPHW SIM welcome pack while roaming?

• No, offer/promos shall be for domestic/local use only.


9. Do I need a P1.00 maintaining balance to avail or use the Open Access Data?

• No, there is no need to maintain a P1.00 airtime balance to be able to enjoy your package.


10. When is the promo period?

• Promo is available not later May 9, 2022 to October 31, 2022 subject to extension.


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